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Red Bear’s new production is an enthralling live theatre installation that brings the energy of the Irish Sea to audiences in the most unlikely of places. With the help of Axis Theatre, BallymunCivic Theatre, Tallaght; and Draíocht, Blanchardstown 'Neptune Calling' was performed in 18 different outdoor locations in the greater Dublin area, throughout August and September 2021.


A funny and thought provoking show that tells the story of an unlikely friendship between two very different women. Sara - young, naive and optimistic and Helen - an older, cynical loner who believes the powers that be know more than they should.

This brand new production marks the year we have all just come through and celebrates us being together again.

The show is a mixture of sensory experiences, paralleled with a beautiful script by Eoghan Quinn, (Stewart Parker Award nominee and recipient of the Irish Arts Council’s ‘Next Generation’ Award in 2019).


Voices of the show are played by Aoibhéann McCann and Geraldine Plunkett and live dance & movement is performed by Robyn Byrne.


This production is core funded by the Arts Council, Ireland

Irish Independent

"This show powerfully draws you in to its world and Sara’s lockdown struggles are vivid, memorable and touching."

Read whole review here


The audience arrive on site to be seated on deck chairs and given headphones, as part of this audio visual experience.


As the performance starts the sound focuses in on Sara; her thoughts and the conversations she has with herself, Helen and most importantly – the sea.

All performances are carried with optimum COVID safety and according to regulations.


Image: Martin Nagle



Robyn Byrne (Dance & Choreography)

Aoibhéann McCann (Voice)

Geraldine Plunkett (Voice)


Writer: Eoghan Quinn

Director: Tracy Martin

Set Design: Maree Kearns

Composer & Sound Design: Philip Stewart

Lighting Design: Kevin Smith

Sound Design: Andy Walsh



Ali Stewart

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