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What was the story with The Wave?

Part of the Absolut Dublin Fringe 2012, The Wave took the true story of a Los Angelos High School Experiment and put it into a modern day Dublin secondary school. History teacher, Mr. Quinn, tries to teach the students of Class 6C how quickly a regime like the Nazis can take control.


Writer & Director: Tracy Martin

Lighting: Nell Conneally

Sound: Stephen White

Video Design:  Ilya Evdakov

Audio Visual: Ilya Evdakov


Venue: The Back Loft


Cal Kenealy

Aaron Morley

David Naughton

Elizabeth Kavanagh

Seán Conroy

Jane Herbert

Joyce Dignam

Emily Bradley

Daryl Morell

Martina Dubiscuit, 

Jamie Lloyd Belton

Faustino Rodrigue

Shane Gately

Kelly Byrne

Donal J Haughey

Sharon Hayden

What was the story with Danny & Chantelle?

Danny and Chantelle were on a night out in Dublin. The music was pumping and the drugs were strong. Friendships were made and lost and the the beat... went on.

Staged on the RíRá dancefloor, the production unfolded in a mass of energy before their audiences' eyes.



Irish Theatre Magazine

"Director Tracy Martin does a stellar job in animating the frenetic proceedings, and effectively utilises the small dancefloor of Rí Ra, with all of its ghosts of previous nights out, as a stage.

Read whole review here



Chantelle: Eva-Jane Gaffney

Danny: Stephen Jones



Director: Tracy Martin

Writer: Phillip McMahon


Venue: RíRá at The Globe

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